This was Declan’s first night wearing his helmet. No problem at all!, and he got so use to it that he wanted it on, especially at night đŸ™‚ (he has been done with it now for a long time, it fixed his flat head :D)

Kami Schulze

It is my distinct pleasure to write this review for Oakland Orthopedics. When it comes to the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics, I know of no one more skilled in this area than those at Oakland Ortho.

Oakland Orthopedics has assembled a very distinguished talented group of certified Prosthetists / Orthotists that are highly dedicated in providing the utmost compassionate care and cutting edge technology products in the field of amputee rehabilitation.

I especially have to commend the work of Corey Smith, certified prosthetist/orthotist, who has delivered numerous positive results in getting amputees back to their fullest functional potential. The basis of achieving these types of positive results comes from a deep understanding of each and every patient’s personal goals and his dedication to help that patient’s reach that goal.  Corey was mentored by his father who himself was an amputee and pioneered the company of Oakland orthopedics. I should say that this gave Corey a gift of natural ability and talent to transform into a brilliant prosthetist. His ability to design a perfect fitting prosthesis is unparalled and a skill that is so intrinsic in him.

As a Rehabilitation physician and a Medical Director of CARF certified Inpatient Rehab unit for amputees, I was so proud to have Oakland Orthopedics as a part of the rehabilitation team who always strived to deliver the best possible care in Amputee rehabilitation. They played a vital role in amputee rehabilitation from not only evaluation and management of patient’s in the pre-prosthetic care but all the way through until final prosthetic fitting. It revealed their true comprehensive management of the amputee patient, providing real life useful intervention at each and every step of the way in their rehabilitation. Patient’s outcome was always their top priority rather than reimbursement of their products.

I can confidently state that despite the ever changing advancements in the technology of prosthetics/orthotics and their materials, Oakland orthopedics has always remained in the forefront of providing ideal cost effective care from simplest to the most advanced prosthetic equipment that best suits each individual patient need.

Dr. Ravi Lakkaraju, MD
Diplomate American board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Diplomate American board of Pain Medicine
Board certified in Neuro-muscular medicine.
Medical Director – Inpatient Rehab unit, Bay Regional medical center.

I have been practicing surgery for over 25 years. I’ve learned a lot about the right way to take care of patients. There is no one person that I have met in my career who has more compassion, dedication and skill in caring for patients then Brother Smith. Thanks Corey for all the dedicated work you have done!!

Dr. Stephens Taylor

Oakland Orthopedic Appliance, Inc - Bay City, Michigan

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