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Oakland Orthopedic Appliances has been serving the orthotic/prosthetic community for 44 years. Founded in 1971 by Richard Smith, Oakland has demonstrated an ongoing effort to develop working relationships with physicians, nurses, therapists, and social workers.  In order to assist the patient’s rehabilitation process, our services continue long after the orthotic or prosthetic device is administered.

Oakland’s team has numerous years of combined experience complementing a wide array of specialties in the orthotic and prosthetic fields.  With Oakland’s full range of experience, our patients are provided the benefit of knowing that all available avenues are explored.  The final solution will arrive after weighing each of these alternatives against individual economic consideration.

Oakland Orthopedic Appliances, Inc. has convenient locations in the Bay City, Midland, Mt. Pleasant, and Saginaw areas.

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Oakland Orthopedic Appliance, Inc - Bay City, Midland, Mt. Pleasant, and Saginaw

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