About Oakland

Oakland Orthopedic Appliances began as a dream of Richard Smith in 1971, first seeing patients in his converted garage in Pontiac, MI.

Moving his wife Vivian, and five children to Bay City in the early 80’s to establish the company in Bay City in partnership with Dr’s. McFarland and Martin, both recently passed. Their first summer in Bay City was spent living in a motor home at Bay City State Park while Richard worked very hard to establish the company in the region.

Vivian was resistant to the company at first, but became a fierce influencer for decades affectionally referred to as ‘Oakland’s Mom’ to the many employees she mentored over the years.

Richard retired in 1995 and Vivian passed away in 2017, but they both poured themselves into the community, their patients and their employees for decades.

Currently led by President Corey Smith, Tim Smith, and Wonda Weirauch- sons and daughter to Richard and Vivian- Oakland is celebrating 50 years in 2021 and has become one of the most successful Orthotic and Prosthetic providers in the country.

Renowned for exceptional care and technical innovation, they perhaps are most appreciated by thousands of people around the world as the company that goes to extraordinary lengths to treat their patients right.

“We are always thinking of the patient first, everything else comes secondary to that”. – Corey Smith