We have your pediatric orthotic needs covered from head to toe. Our Pediatric Team members are highly trained professionals with ample experience in custom orthotics. Being parents ourselves, we understand that your child’s well-being is your first concern. You can feel confident knowing our Certified Orthotists have the skills and knowledge to manage your child’s individual orthotic needs.

We understand the emotional and physical needs that are inherent challenges in providing orthotic treatments to children.  We strive to take the best care of our young patients and their parents, whether it be fitting your child with a cranial helmet, or orthotic braces, or other pediatric custom orthotic solutions. Our team has worked with thousands of our youngest patients successfully to treat a variety of conditions. Oakland’s Practitioners are specially trained to work with the child, the family, and healthcare providers to ensure optimal fit and function.

Every patient benefits from a comprehensive evaluation including gait analysis, manual muscle testing, and range of motion testing which help us to accurately assess their needs and direct their treatment. We take time to educate you because you have a vital role in your treatment process. Together, along with physicians and care givers, we set goals and expectations for your treatment plan. We go the extra mile to achieve a positive outcome, caring people changing lives.